The FIRST Blog Post EVER by Jada Ryker

What to Expect from the Site

What You Will NOT Find:

  • Pictures of my food.
  • Will our far-in-the-future descendants shake their heads regretfully as they wonder if the pictures from lunch and dinner tables were once considered avant-garde?  
  • Photographs of various parts of my body, with old and new tattoos.
  • Win/Win for all of us, since I’m in my fifties.
  • Descriptions of bodily functions.
  • References to “my publisher,” “my agent,” or “my editor.”
  • Peppering blogs, comments, and Facebook posts with these references sounds pretentious.
  • As a self-published author, I don’t have them 🙂

What You Will Find:

  • Support for other authors.
  • Success is not a “zero sum game.”
  • Success for one author does “use up the available success.”
  • Commitment to excellence in writing.
  • While one or another of the little poopie-butted missteps may get past me, I am waging my own war on typographical errors.
  • Sharing of good ideas for self-published writers.
  • While it sometimes seems as if I am digging through a litter box with a pooper scooper, I do find gems of good advice from other writers on Facebook.

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  1. What an awesome site! 😉

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