How I Scored a Kindle Press Publishing Contract on My First Submission to Kindle Scout. Part Three: What I Didn’t Do… But May Work for You

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To help you with your Kindle Scout campaign, here’s what I didn’t do. Why am I sharing it? Because it might help you.

I work full-time in my day job, about fifty hours per week. I have a daily commute of over three hours. I just didn’t have the bandwidth to try new or unfamiliar avenues. Because you are more savvy and learning about the process upfront, you can learn from what I didn’t do.

What I Didn’t Do…But You Might Want to Try


I only knew what I learned in the Kboards group after my campaign started. My head would have exploded if I’d added one more thing to it.

Below is the best and most simple explantion I’ve seen of Headtalker. It’s by Steve Vernon, Kindle Scout Winner and author of Kelpie Dreams. Here’s the link to the book:

Kelpie Dreams

I’ve read the book. It’s excellent! Here’s my five-star review:

Kelpie Dreams Review Resized 150 no aspect ratio

Back to Steve Vernon and his expertise. He says:

“Let me see if I can explain quickly.

“You need twenty-five supporters – and then the Headtalker is set to go live.

“If it gets the necessary twenty-five supporters – in two days time your announcement regarding your Kindle Scout Campaign will automatically be Tweeted, Facebook Announced, or announced on Tumblr or Linked In – depending on how the supporter voted to support you.

“So I just hit the support button and promoted your Headtalker for my Twitter, my Tumblr, and my Linked In. That gave you THREE more supporters – bringing you up from a total of 18 supporters, up to your new total of 21 supporters. Which means that in 2 days time (assuming you hit the necessary 25 supporters) your announcement regarding your Kindle Scout campaign is going to show up on my Twitter feed and on my Linked In and Tumblr listings – ONCE!

“It’s kind of like buying ONE commercial on the city television network. That ONE commercial goes live ONE time and maybe 3% of the city’s population are watching television at that time and see your commercial and maybe ONE PERCENT of that three percent are going to click on over and have a look at your Kindle Scout campaign. That will show up on your campaign as VIEWS. And then maybe ONE PERCENT of that one percent are going to be impressed enough to actually nominate your book – which will HOPEFULLY tip your book into the Hot & Trending.

“Headtalker (and/or Thunderclap) doesn’t do a whole lot for your campaign but it is a relatively easy and free way to get your Kindle Scout campaign a little bit more exposure.

“SO – right now you need FOUR more supporters – OR you need two supporters who support your campaign through two different venues (ie: on Facebook and on Twitter). Either way makes up the necessary four supporters that you need to get.

“If you need to you can support yourself just by going to that Headtalker page and punching the Facebook button. That will give you one extra supporter (namely yourself).

“If you’re a KBoards member, you can post your Headtalker campaign over in the Headtalker/Thunderclap kboards thread.,235630.100.html

“Hope my clunky explanation helps make things clearer for you.”

–Steven Vernon, Kindle Scout Winner and Author of Kelpie Dreams


I just haven’t been active on it. I tried the Book Bear tweets ad, but it was a failure.

Some friends kindly tweeted and retweeted out of the goodness of their hearts.


I tried to do an ad through FB, but couldn’t get the pixies, I mean pixels, right.


I don’t have an account for my author persona and see above, imminent head explosion, so I skipped it.

If you have time, you can set up your profile and use it to promote the Kindle Scout campaign.

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