Kitty Litter Cake Recipe – Fun and Delicious

Kitty Litter Cake for Wikket, the Crime-Solving Cat

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Take the Body and Run is a goofy thriller and contemporary romance about a hunted woman hiding behind a dead friend’s identity, a handsome lawman, a death doctor with fart machine-will travel, and a cranky cat with a nose for crime.

In honor of Wikket, the crime-solving cat, I’m sharing the recipe for Kitty Litter Cake.

Wikket is the size of a young panther cub. Macey, his human partner in crime, wonders if she’ll need an industrial-sized leaf bag and a snow shovel to clean up after him. Whipping up a Kitty Litter Cake makes her laugh about her poop scooping duties. Macey loves the look of shock when people see the cake and try to make sense of oozy gooey Tootsie Rolls glistening on top of crumblies in a litter box pan. She always serves it with a (new) poop scooper.

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need.

One German chocolate cake mix
One white cake mix
Two boxes of vanilla pudding, instant (who has time to make pudding from scratch?)
One package of Golden Oreo cookies
Green food coloring
A package of Tootsie Rolls
A new, never-used kitty litter box and pooper scooper

Mix the cake mixes and bake, following the directions on the box. Macey doesn’t like to cook. Instead of buying the cake mixes and going through the trouble of stirring and baking, she buys pre-cooked German chocolate and white cakes from the grocery store bakery. Be sure to ask for them without icing. To save even more time, call ahead.

Then, make the pudding according to the directions on the box; pop it in the fridge to keep it cool until you’re ready for it. Macey prefers to grab the canned pudding, but it’s your choice.

Crumble the sandwich cookies. Macey likes to hit them with a meat tenderizer to relieve her frustration, but you’re welcome to use something more civilized, like a food processor.

Put aside all but 1/4 cup of crumbled cookies. Put a few drops of green food coloring in the 1/4 cup and mix it in. Keep the food coloring out of the cat’s reach, or your feline will have a green mouth and tongue.

When the cakes are cool, crumble them into a large bowl. Mix in 1/2 of the remaining cookie crumbs and the cold pudding. You want your “litter” moist, not wet. You may have some pudding left.

Put the cake mixture into the clean litter box. Don’t get confused and use a dirty box.

Place half of the unwrapped Tootsie Rolls in a microwave-safe saucer and heat until softened.

Shape the ends so that they are pointed. Curve the Tootsie Rolls a bit. Then, position the Tootsie Rolls on the cake. Bonus points if you bury them a bit. The Tootsie Rolls should look like cat poop.

Sprinkle the surface with half of the remaining cookie crumbs. Scatter a small amount of the green colored cookie crumbs lightly over the top.

Now, pop a few of the Tootsie Rolls in the microwave until they are nearly melted. Position them on top of the cake and sprinkle with green cookie crumbs. Nuke the remaining Tootsie Rolls until soft and shape them like cat poop. Put all but two randomly over top of cake mixture. Sprinkle with any remaining cookie crumbs. Curve the two remaining Tootsie Rolls and carefully hang them over side of litter box. Shake a few green cookie crumbs on your outlier poops hanging on the side of the litter box.

Serve with the (clean!) pooper scooper for a fun dessert.

Kitty Litter Cake is great anytime of the year, but it’s hilarious at a Halloween party.

The excellent photograph of the Kitty Litter Cake (top of the post) is courtesy of Christina Keats, the talented designer who created the social media graphics for Take the Body and Run.

Fun Mystery and Romance – Take the Body and Run

The fun mystery/romance was a Kindle Scout winner.

Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author of Pluto’s Snitch and Sarah Booth Delaney, had great things to say about the book:

“TAKE THE BODY AND RUN is a fast-paced ride with a sparkling character and written in a new, original voice. This is a don’t-miss debut.”

Ryker_TaketheBodyandRun (1)

Macey is the university’s new Employee Relations director. You’d think with that job title, she’d be better with people. But no. Her first day in the college employee relations department ends with a knife at her throat.

She’s certain things can’t get any worse. She’s wrong. An angry employee vows to put her on an online hit list. When he turns up dead, she’s a suspect—and on the hit list.

To keep her secrets and her life, Macey partners with two unexpected allies who cause her pulse to race with steamy attraction—and exasperating annoyance. Vince, a handsome, driven lawman, digs up more than just clues to the brutal murder. Brett, a fun-loving pathologist with a deadly sense of humor, drives everyone crazy with his prankster exploits. Macey’s supersized black cat Wikket, possessing courage, curiosity, and crankiness in equal portions, assists in his own grumpy, feline fashion, golden eyes open and claws extended.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

Excerpt from Take the Body and Run


You can use the link to the book to read the first part of the book for free.

Here’s the “Author’s Cut,” so to speak. In the following excerpt, Brett is pursuing Macey across the college campus when he meets Wikket.

I heard a voice bawl: “Macey Malloy!” Surprised, I peered over my shoulder.

It was my would-be phone suitor, Brett Reed. As he raced across the grounds, I waited, enjoying the pretty campus and the warmth of the sun on my face. The buildings were beautiful, constructed of handsome brick and breathing old money from long-gone donors. The mature, expertly trimmed trees moved in the breeze, the fluttering leaves just beginning to change to autumn colors.

His backpack bouncing, Brett flew over the perfectly manicured grass. The pathologist ran like a Labrador, his arms and legs flying, his entire body happy in the sun. If his tongue had been hanging out as he panted with excitement, it wouldn’t have shocked me.

My heart melted into a puddle of goo. I mentally poked at the newfound feeling, wondering what it could be. I decided I felt happy, with a tiny dollop of anticipation. Inside my head, I tried to stomp on that treacherous heart. It evaded me like a hopped-up ghost in a Pac-Man game. I promised it that I would deal with it later.

“Macey,” Brett panted. His face was shiny with perspiration. “Where are you going?” he gasped.

In my peripheral vision, I glimpsed a black blur. I looked down. “Wikket! What the hell are you doing here?”

Brett scooped up the cat.

“Brett! Wikket is not a people person. Let me have him before he slashes you with his claws.”

Brett crooned. The cat purred, rubbing his jaw on the pathologist’s happy face and leaving strands of black fur.

I gawked. Once I could speak, I blurted, “What the fudge? Wikket doesn’t like humans.”

“We bonded when I took care of you. I shared my strawberry yogurt with him. He gobbled it up like he hadn’t been fed in months.” Brett cheerfully cuddled the big black cat, who filled his arms and oozed over the sides.

I narrowed my eyes. “Yogurt upsets his stomach. I had to clean up cat puke after you guys left.”

“Why are you surprised to see him?” Brett spoke quickly to change the subject. “Didn’t you bring him to work with you today?”

“I was running late this morning. He must have taken advantage of my frantic rushing around and stowed away in the car. I thought he was safely at home.”

Wikket leaped out of Brett’s arms. He wound around my legs, leaving black fur in his wake. “Wikket, you’re going to be persona non grata on campus,” I informed the cat. “The university recognizes dogs and miniature horses as service animals. Not cats.”

“Miniature horses?”

“Never mind.” I waved away horses, miniature and otherwise.

“Your purse is huge. Why don’t you carry Wikket in there? Women carry their little dogs in their purses. Why not a cat?”

“Brett, I’m not sure he’ll fit in there.”

“Sure he will. You could fit a microwave and a stack of pizzas in that bag. Try it, Macey.”

“If Wikket doesn’t want to go in the bag, then I can’t make him.”

Brett was surprised. “Wow, you make the poor cat sound like a stubborn mule. Give me your bag.”

Brett opened my bag. Even with my tablet and assorted junk, there was plenty of room. Like an intelligent dog that had graduated from obedience school with high honors, Wikket jumped into the bag. Brett lifted it to my left shoulder.

I immediately listed to the left. “You should go with me next time I have to take him to the vet.” I struggled to stand straight.

“That sounds nice. I’d love to.” Brett immediately answered with a huge smile, as if I’d asked him to spend a torrid weekend with me in Vegas, not take an obstinate and grouchy cat to the vet.

Take the Body and Run: On Sale for 99 cents

The book is on sale for 99 cents. It’s for a limited time, and only in the US marketplace.

It’s always free on Kindle Unlimited.

For your convenience and so you don’t have to scroll up, here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

KP Authors’ Cookbook

The Kitty Litter Cake recipe also appears in KP Authors Cook Their Books.

What happens when you get a bunch of authors together and the subject turns to food? They decide to write a cookbook, of course. After a few too many Facebook posts featuring pictures of sumptuous dishes our authors prepared, we decided that we needed to band together and share the food love.

KP Authors Cookbook
The cookbook is 100% free on Amazon. Here’s the link:

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